Bradley Collins, Regeneration Development and Delivery Manager at Home Group, said: “I understand people’s concerns regarding the site at Queens Park in Millom but demolition of the remaining properties has unfortunately been delayed due to a discovery of bats.


“We have applied for a licence through Natural England to ensure the safe removal of the bats as a protected species. Once this has taken place we are able to complete the works in September this year.


“Once the demolition work is complete, the new development at Queens Park has now received planning permission and will be built over the preceding two years – with completion in 2025. Until then we have secured the site with fencing and will conduct regular checks to ensure safety and security – particularly during periods of extreme weather as we have experienced earlier in the year.


“We were also aware of the large spoil heaps that had been left on a site near Palmers Lane. I want to reassure everyone that was not related to our demolition works and was been left by a utility company working in the area without permission. This has now been removed.


“If anyone has any further questions or concerns, please do get in touch by emailing