Millom Town Council (MTC) are responsible for a limited number of services including the two parks and toilet blocks at Millom and Haverigg and the leasing of the Beach Café at Haverigg.

Cumbria County Council (CCC) and Copeland Borough Council (CBC) are responsible for all the everyday services that affect residents such as road works, litter, drain cleaning, maintenance of verges, footpaths, and refuse collection, recycling, social services etc.

This year (May 2021 to May 2022) MTC, despite COVID restrictions having been in place for a significant part of the year, has achieved the following – often following queries and complaints from the public to Councillors and our Town Clerk:
• Completed the major project with Playdale to transform the play areas at Millom Park
• Advanced plans to build a Skate Park/Pump Track in one of the parks
• Uprated the surface at the fenced play area at Haverigg
• Arranged to have repairs carried out on the Beach Café roof, doors and drainage
• Made significant repairs to Millom and Haverigg toilets
• Worked with CBC to ensure that there is a general improvement in speed of collection of recycling from the main sites at Millom and Haverigg
• Made representations to CBC to have a secure, appropriate fencing erected around the re-cycling containers at Haverigg
• Taken on an extra part-time worker to help to carry out street cleaning, park maintenance and small projects work
• Liaised with HM Prison Haverigg to direct outside working parties to projects such as footpath clearance, roadside weed removal and other work. The results have been well-received by the public and the partnership is developing strongly.
• Been successful in securing funding through a CCC grant to resurface Church Walk and Sandham Lane to Haverigg Road footpath
• Persuaded CBC to take action to clear the footpath above the New Road
• Despite not being responsible, MTC arranged privately for the New Road verges to be cut
• Supported the Shop Local and Welcome back programmes organised through Jenny Brumby and CBC which have seen benches placed in the town square and also the lamp-posts painted for the first time for many years
• Provided a base for Millom Credit Union at the Council Offices
• Had Councillors working on/with committees such as Millom Town Fund Bid, South Copeland Partnership, Radioactive Geological Disposal Facility, etc. This latter organisation is able to provide money for specific projects and councillors are working on achieving funding for a number of projects to enhance local areas
• Supported the Norman Nicholson Festival with a grant
• Supported the Millom Heritage triangle group in its efforts to secure the future viability of the Millom Castle, Old School Room, Schoolmasters house and Holy Trinity church area and develop it to encourage tourism Church
• Trialled a new, longer bus route around Millom and Haverigg with Ricky’s Travel although this was not used enough and the original timetable has been restored
• Worked closely with local Police to advise on need to address matters such as e-scooters, petty vandalism in the Parks and anti-social behaviour
• Set up an Environment Committee to ensure that MTC is aware of ‘green issues’ and takes appropriate measures where it can
• Made an approach to CBC to transfer Haverigg Car Park (next to Londis) to MTC in order to be able to effect improvements in the future
• Liaised closely with Simon Donnelly who is organising the Queens Jubilee Part in Millom Park to ensure that all the required legal and financial requirements have been covered
• Financially supported Park Play who provide play activities in Millom Park
• Liaised with CBC Open Spaces and the Copeland Landsman Scheme to ensure that MTC obtains the best value and services for work such as large-scale grass cutting, planting, maintenance etc.
• Set a secure and responsible budget for 2022-3 which will enable the Council to carry out its statutory responsibilities, look to develop a number of local projects and retain a sum to cover unexpected emergencies which might arise.
• Worked to encourage local people to apply for co-option to the Council when vacancies have arise at present the Council has one vacancy and anyone interested should contact the Town Clerk in the first instance.

Our Clerks take note of a huge number of queries from the public and which are very often to do with issues which are the responsibility of CCC and CBC who do not have active local contact points. They always pass on the information to the relevant CCC and CBC departments and inform our Councillors of anything where MTC might be able to help.

Please don’t forget that we have one Open Town meeting each year which we advertise and at which we welcome the public to come and question us about our work. Also, members of the public can arrange with the Clerk to come to any monthly Town Council meeting to raise matters of interest. This year’s meeting will be held on Wednesday 25th May 2022 commencing 06.30 pm in the Guide Hall. All Welcome.