Millom Town Councillor Bob Kelly received the Mayoral Chain from retiring Mayor Cllr Ruth Peter this evening having been elected as Mayor for the forthcoming year

“I am delighted and feel very privileged to have been elected last evening to be Mayor of Millom for the year 2022-3. I will do everything I can to publicise the many great things that Millom and its people stand for and will support the community as my predecessors have with any problems they face. I also intend to raise as much money as I can for several local charities. Obviously, I hope we won’t suffer any crises like floods and the pandemic that other recent mayors have faced but if we do I will help in any way I can. I do believe Millom stands to benefit from changes to local government and other sources of finance but I also know that financial problems face so many people. Millom has such a wonderful volunteering culture which I will support in every way I can to help those in need through these. Bob Kelly – your new Mayor.”
Seen by Bob Kelly at 09:38
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